Professional Services & Support

Professional staff provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, and sexual violence. Embrace is also a resource for survivors’ families, friends and partners who want to learn more about providing support.

Personal Advocacy & Crisis Counseling

Staff provide advocacy and counseling services that empower survivors with information and options to reduce barriers to safety, make informed decisions, and identify and meet their own goals. Embrace creates a safe place where survivors can feel, share, and be heard without being judged. Services are tailored to each person promoting self-awareness and an understanding of the impact of trauma.

24-Hour Crisis Line

Embrace’s crisis line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  All calls are confidential, and you do not have to give your name if you do not want to.  We are here to listen, provide emotional support, talk about your options and let you know about the resources available to you.

Legal Advocacy & Accompaniment

Assistance filing restraining orders, preparation for court hearings and support during the hearing are some of the legal advocacy services provided to support victims of violence. Embrace also provides accompaniment advocacy to law enforcement and prosecution interviews, child forensic interviews, and we work with you to help you understand your rights when navigating the civil and criminal court systems.

  • Family Court (Divorce, Custody, Placement): Advocates can provide access to a printer and fax forms to file for divorce.

  • Attorneys: Advocates can provide a list of attorneys and their specialties, fees and locations.

  • Courtroom Support: Advocates can explain the legal process and what to expect at court proceedings. An advocate can attend proceedings to serve as a barrier between you and the abusive partner and can act as your service representative during court proceedings.

  • Restraining Orders: An advocate can provide a basic overview of the steps to file a petition for a temporary restraining order, and can also prepare you for what to expect in court. Upon your request, an advocate can accompany you to court proceedings.

  • Crime Victims’ Compensation: An advocate can offer information and applications for Wisconsin’s program to assist innocent victims with certain crime related expenses.

  • No Contact Dropping Course: Are you looking to drop a No Contact Order or a restraining order between you and another person? Did the Judge order you to take the course with us? Give us a call to make an appointment to take the course. An advocate can help you file the paperwork, understand your rights and how dropping an order will affect you.

  • Legal Assistance to Victims Program: An advocate can do an initial screening and refer a victim of violence to Indianhead Community Action Agency’s LAV Program for free legal representation.

  • Judicare: Judicare is Wisconsin’s low-income legal assistance program which can provide legal representation for eligible residents. Applications for Judicare assistance are available here or from an Embrace advocate. If you qualify for assistance, Embrace can provide you with a list of attorneys who accept Judicare.

*Embrace advocates are not attorneys and therefore cannot offer any direct legal advice or representation.

Medical Advocacy & Accompaniment

Advocates are available to accompany survivors in the healthcare settings and give support through a forensic evidence collection exam after an incident. Advocates are there for emotional support and non-judgmental options counseling that help to protect a survivor’s legal rights and safety. Click here to read Embrace’s Reporting Options Brochure.

Community Referrals & Systems Advocacy

Embrace offers up-to-date information on services provided by other agencies. Staff advocate with local agencies to ensure a survivor’s voice and needs are heard. Embrace coordinates county-specific collaborative response groups, offers education, and encourages partnering agencies to take a trauma-informed approach in serving all people. Staff engage our community members and advocate that the harm a survivor experienced be repaired to the greatest extent possible. Embrace seeks to change what an institution and communities do that worsens or fails to improve the situation survivors face.

Supportive Community

Embrace advocates facilitate regular interactive meetings and events for survivors who have experienced domestic and/or sexual violence. These meetings help survivors realize they are not alone and offer an encouraging and non-judgmental environment to build connections to support healing. Family, friends, partners and other support people are welcome to attend too. The groups are completely confidential, respectful, and supportive community for all survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Supportive Community Groups include Yoga in the Park during the summer, Seeking Safety, and weekly peer events at the Rusk County Office and Safe Shelter. Groups are also available with survivors in local jails.

Community Outreach & Prevention Education

Embrace staff are available to present on a wide range of topics related to domestic and sexual violence to businesses, organizations, school classes and other community groups.

  • Prevention Education – training for preschool, grades K – 12 and college students offered at a developmentally appropriate level

  • Community Awareness – information tabling and outreach activities at community events

  • In-Service Training – training for professionals, community agencies, faith groups and other community groups on responding to survivors and connecting them to resources

Youth Programming

Tailored safety planning, crisis counseling, and prevention education are available that strengthen and support families by promoting healthy parent-child interactions. Embrace also offers Connected Kids, a violence prevention and resiliency building program, and a Safe Exchange Program that gives parents, guardians and their children a safe and stress-free place to do a custody exchange.

  • On-site Counseling – advocacy-based counseling, emotional support, and education on resources and options for students in local schools.

  • Student Groups are available in local schools focused on healthy relationships, self-esteem, positive coping mechanisms, and effective communication.

Safe Shelter

Safe housing and individualized case management services are available. There is a separate room and bathroom that gives survivors, regardless of their gender identity, the space and time they need to heal. Shelter space is handicap accessible.

Other Programs

Seeking Safety, an evidence-based program held individually or in groups to help people understand and heal from co-occurring trauma and substance abuse, No Contact Dropping Course to discuss your legal rights with an advocate if you’re a victim of a crime, Domestic Abuse Response TeamSexual Assault Response Team, and Prison Rape Elimination Act Response. Transportation and childcare assistance may be available for survivors receiving services.

You have a right to an interpreter at no cost to you! Interpreters are available 24/7 for all Embrace advocacy services.