Wish List

Maintaining a Shelter and four offices sure takes a lot of goods and supplies! We’re always in need of something, and anything we don’t use in our offices or Shelter, we give to survivors for their own homes. Below is our wish list of items we currently need. At this time we are able to take new items but not used or gently used items. Please call us at 715-532-6976 in advance of dropping off items to let us know what you'd like to donate. Our Office and Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch with you to arrange a drop off or pick up of the wish list items with any of our staff. Thank you!

Embrace Wish List Items

Old, Working (Turns On) Cell Phones with Chargers

Sidewalk Melting Salt

Cleaning Supplies (Lysol Wipes, Windex, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Dish Soap)

Art Supplies (Construction Paper, Canvas, Paint, Brushes, Coloring Books, etc.)

Stress Balls or Fidgety Toys for Adults and Children

Ground Coffee

Colored Printing Paper (8 1/2″ x 11″ and 11″ x 17″)

2019 Calendar Planners (any size)

Small Nails for Hanging Art and Frames

Yard Games and Outdoor Toys for Children (Chalk, Kiddie Pool, Sports Balls, Sleds, etc.)

Adult Coloring Books and Colored Pencils

Board Games (with all their pieces!)

Children’s Movies (DVDs)

Nature Sounds Machine (cord, not battery operated)

Weighted Blankets

Baby Carriers (Wraps and Sling Styles)

AA and AAA Batteries

Wall Clocks


Silverware sets


Lawn Chairs and Patio Furniture

Garden Hose, Hose Nozzle with different spray settings, and Sprinkler

Gallon and Quart Ziploc Bags

Toilet Paper

Paper Towels



Deodorant – men and women

Razors – men and women

13 Gallon Tie-Shut Garbage Bags

5 Gallon Totes

10 Gallon Totes

Storage Bins and Baskets

Light Bulbs

Extension Cords

Non-Perishable Food Items (Coffee, Pasta, Canned Veggies and Meats)

Masking Tape, Packaging and Duct Tape

Post-it Notes

Mailing Stamps

Gas Cards

Visa Gift Cards

New Clothes (with tags or in original packaging):

Men’s Clothing: Size Small – Large

Women’s’ Clothing – Size XL – 3XL

Women’s Pajamas

Children’s Clothing

New Socks & Underwear (Men, women, children)

New Bras (preferably sports bras or bras with no underwires)

Supplies for Sexual Assault Accompaniment Response Backpacks

Duffel Bags or Suit Cases

Water bottles

Moist Cleansing Towlettes

New Sweatshirts (Size 2X)

New Sweatpants (Size 2X)

Nail Polish, Cotton Balls and Remover

Fidget Toys

Thank you for your support!