The Safe Exchange Program at Embrace gives parents/guardians and their children a safe and stress-free place to do a custody exchange. Any parent/guardian who would like to have a safe place to do a custody exchange can participate. Sometimes safe exchanges are court-ordered but any individual interested in the program can sign up! If you do have a court-order, using the Safe Exchange Program makes it easy to follow your custody order without having to see the other parent.

When it is time to exchange the children between parents/guardians for a scheduled visitation, the parent/guardian with the children drops them off at Embrace at the scheduled time and leaves immediately. Embrace staff watch the children until the other parent comes to pick up the children 15 minutes later.

If you are interested in setting up a Safe Exchange for your kids, each parent/guardian will need to schedule a 45 minute with a Program Coordinator or designated staff person at Embrace during office hours (8:00am to 4:00pm M – F) to complete the safe exchange application, review policies, and set dates and times for exchanges. Call 715-532-6976 to learn more about the program and schedule your appointment. You can also check out our Safe Exchange Program Brochure for more information.